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Our Reviews

Our Customers Love Us!

Here are a few reviews from our customers and recipients after receiving their personalized Oopsie Cake:

Oopsie Cakes is the best! I ordered a baby diaper cake for my sister in law and we both loved it. It was built very sturdy and you could tell how well it was meticulously crafted. Price was very reasonable. I highly recommend Oopsie Cakes!  - Mary

Oopsie Cakes did a wonderful job on a diaper cake for baby shower. The parents-to-be, and everyone else at the baby shower, absolutely loved it. They even incorporated items from the gift registry onto the cake. I received the cake on time. I highly recommend this company and will definitely be using them for future baby gifts and over the hill items! - Sandy 

I asked Oopsie Cakes if they could create something for my friend who's extremely environmentally conscious and is vet particular about what products she'll use for her baby.  OC put in the extra effort and made a cake that is not only gorgeous but full of natural things the mommy-to-be totally approved of and loves!  Every time I need a gift for a baby shower, from here on, I'm going to Oopsie Cakes! Thanks! - Liz 

WOW! I got a cake from a close family member as a surprise and WOW!! This diaper cake is BEAUTIFUL! I started crying I can’t believe how amazing it looks!! - Charessa

I bought a diaper cake from Oopsie Cakes for a baby shower a couple of weeks ago. The owner was easy to talk to and asked just the right questions to make sure she created the perfect "cake" for the mom and baby. She was able to perfectly match the theme of the baby's room with the animal on the cake. I could not have been happier with my experience with this business. Mom and dad loved the diaper cake and put it on display for everyone to see at the shower. I have to admit, I felt a little special knowing my gift had a prime spot to be displayed amongst all the bags and boxes. - Angi

I just had the most beautiful diaper cake, at my doorstep! I absolutely love it! It’s sturdy and adorable! Best one I’ve seen! -- Angela

I ordered a diaper cake for a baby shower. I received it on time and it was a huge hit with the parents-to-be, and everyone else at the shower! I absolutely recommend this company!! - Sandy