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How it all started

Founder and owner of Oopsie Cakes

It began like this...

​Many moms today have never seen one, but the diaper cake was all the rage when I was growing up. My name is Diane and I create custom diaper and towel cakes. My story starts when my mother would make diaper cakes or relatives or friends baby showers. It was a novelty at the time and it was a huge hit at the party. But to get to that point, it involved using both cloth and disposable diapers, time and aggravation. That was over thirty years ago and many things have changed.  

The first diaper cake I ever made was for my nephew's baby shower. I bought everything that I could think of that would help out with the new baby and it became something that everyone talked about. The response from the guests was amazing. From then on every baby gift I gave came in the form of a a diaper cake.  Then in 2020, Oopsie Cakes was born.

Since I have first started, I have also added towel cakes to our product line which make great gifts for wedding showers, hostess or housewarmings. 

There are many different diaper and towel cakes out there…some are very simple but still clean looking. There are others that are really elaborate. But, what makes this kind of gift so much fun are the colors you use.   

The idea behind Oopsie Cakes was to add that special touch to a gift that no one can duplicate, while providing usable items for your special occasion.  Each cake is made by hand in the United States and every item is carefully placed with love and care.

Whether you choose a diaper cake or towel cake, we can be sure that they will make you and the recipient smile.


Vision Statement

Making every cake is a wonderful experience for us. Every cake is made with love, as if it was gifted to our own family members.  We are inspired to create a personally crafted and designed cake for the new arrival as well as trying to bring more joy to into peoples lives.  Making the world happy, one cake at a time.